Gay Fertility / Parenting Options

Gay Fertility / Parenting Options

Securing Genetic Lineage

Although the reproductive choices for same-sex male partners may seem somewhat limited, there are several options for gay men seeking to build a family.

The most common solution for gay men is the combination of egg donation by anonymous or directed egg donor, and a gestational carrier. This type of cycle involves an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle for the egg donor (for more information about the IVF procedure, please click here.)

  • An anonymous egg donor is someone screened by the Fertility Institute or an egg bank.
  • A directed egg donor is someone the patient knows; a family member, friend, etc. (A directed egg donor cannot be related to the partner who will be supplying the sperm.)

If you choose to use an anonymous donor, information including age, ethnic background, physical appearance as well as medical and genetic histories are available to help you select an ideal donor. Once a donor is selected, she undergoes an IVF cycle at the Fertility Institute. Once her eggs are retrieved, her part of the cycle is fulfilled.

Since anonymous egg donors are young and fertile, and may produce a dozen eggs or more, there are usually enough eggs to divide and fertilize with each partner’s sperm, if that’s what the couple prefers. Excess viable embryos can be safely frozen for future use.

Potential legal complications are minimized by the fact that the egg donor is anonymous and thus does not know the results of the pregnancy, and because the gestational carrier has no genetic link to the baby. The rights and obligations of both the gay couple and the gestational carrier are detailed and secured through a full legal contract.

Additional testing options: PGD/PGS

Another option for couples undergoing IVF is to conduct genetic testing of the embryos via preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) or preimplantation genetic screening (PGS). PGS screens for abnormal embryos and PGD screens for specific genetic diseases, if the partner(s) who is/are contributing sperm is a known carrier of a specific genetic disease. More information on these optional procedures can be found on our PGD/PGS page here.

Whatever your dream family’s composition may be, we at the Fertility Institute are ready to help you achieve your dreams with professionalism, discretion and compassion. More information about the various options available at the Fertility Institute, please see below.