Lesbian Fertility Treatments in New York & New Jersey

Lesbian Fertility Treatments in New York & New Jersey

Parenting for Lesbian Couples

There are various ways for lesbian couples to become parents, ranging from minimally invasive procedures such as donor sperm insemination, to more sophisticated techniques, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF cycles can include partner-to-partner egg donation, and embryo donation/adoption. At the Fertility Institute we take into consideration each couple’s preferences and devise a solution based on your unique set of circumstances. Here are some of the treatment options available to you.

Lesbian Fertility Treatments

Intrauterine Donor Sperm Insemination

  • Using donor sperm from a known donor or from a recognized sperm bank can provide high success rates with a short interval to conception.
    • Can incorporate a combination of ovulation induction with oral medications, like Clomid, and a precisely timed donor insemination, which assures optimal timing.

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Partner-to-partner Egg Donation IVF

  • Is a combination of sperm donation and egg donation.
  • One of the partners donates her eggs, thus becoming the egg donor providing the genetic material for the child, while the other partner will undergo the embryo transfer and carry the child, creating a biological connection.
  • If desired, the couple can elect to go a step further and use a directed sperm donor, when available.

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Directed Sperm Donor Insemination

  • Use a male sibling or other male relative unrelated to the egg donor as the sperm donor.
  • Can be used for intrauterine insemination (IUI) or as part of an IVF cycle with egg donation.
  • Process regulated by the FDA; strict testing of the donor sperm and six month quarantine of sperm donated by a non-intimate partner is required.

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Embryo donation

An embryo donation cycle is the transfer of previously frozen, viable embryos which were donated by a couple who has completed their family. This option may be an easy and inexpensive way to fulfill your dream of having a baby. While the donor couple remains anonymous, some details about the couple will be provided to you, where available, such as ethnicity, hair and eye color, skin tone, etc.


Your First Visit

During your first visit to the Fertility Institute of NJ & NY, you will meet with one of our Harvard-trained fertility specialists: Dr. Zalman Levine or Dr. Inna Berin, or our board-certified Physician Assistant, Alyson Butler. Your family planning wishes will be discussed and your medical history will be reviewed. The results of any preliminary testing or fertility treatments will be taken into account, until your specialist has a comprehensive understanding of your general medical history and your desires for building your family. If you have never had a complete infertility workup, one will be ordered so that we have all the information necessary to accurately assess your fertility potential. Together, you and your doctor or physician assistant will discuss possible treatment options and decide on a plan of care.

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